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History of our Company


In November 1990, the whole stock is transferred from Düsseldorf to Krefeld. In May 1991 the laboratory for customer service and quality control is opened. At last in October 1992 the removal of the Company headquarters to Krefeld is finally concluded, to which the activities of the Hamburg office are merged in 1993.


Expansion of the laboratory building in several stages and letting part of it to an important supplier, Rhodia GmbH who are currently running their customer service lab for central and northern Europe at this address.


Acquisition of a partnership holding in Rijnders Chemical Consulting, Barneveld N.L., a highly specialised company for the rubber masterbatches handled by C.H.Erbslöh.

1997, January 
Carl Hugo IV takes over a 51% holding in the Company, selling 49% to Alberdingk and Boley GmbH.

1997, June 

Founding of C.H.Erbslöh Polska Sp.Zo.o. in Warsaw, Poland, to handle the increasingly important polish market.

End of 1998 

CH Erbsloeh Europe GmbH founded as financial holding company for the projected acquisitions and establishment of new subsidiaries throughout Europe.

1999, April 

C.H.Erbslöh Benelux created in Netherlands. This company serves the Benelux market and has its headquarters in the building of the Rijnders Chemical Consulting Company, Barneveld, Netherlands

1999, July 

Before Tensochema A.G. was taken over by the C.H.Erbslöh Europe GmbH, its activities were merged with those of the separate single firm, Dr. Marc Steinfels. Both firms had been successful suppliers of raw materials to various sectors of the chemicals industry in Switzerland for more than 20 years and there activities have been mutually complementary.

1999, July 

Operational start-up of a highly modern tank-storage facility in Krefeld. This opens a significant new area in the scope of traditional distributor services offered on the sector of bulk special chemicals.

1999, September 

The C.H.Erbslöh Ges.mbH, in Hallein, near Salzburg founded as a joint venture with Consul Dr. Usner, well known in Austria as a noted distributor of chemical-technical raw materials. The new company´s offices on the premises of Usner Ges.mbH, Hallein, have their own warehouse and laboratory.

1999, September 

Following very rapid negociations to set up a co-operative agreement between Lawrence Industries of Birmingham, UK and Lavollee Chimie, Paris, LEL the European distributors group was founded. This alliance between independent national distributors can offer manufacturers of chemical specialities and industrial minerals the services of a group of partners working each in a different market-specific way while sharing the same basic concept, currently achieving coverage of the greater part (and eventually the whole) of the European market.

1999, December 

The LEL partners, Lavollee Chimie, Paris and C.H.Erbslöh, Krefeld acquire Polyplastic S.A., Paris from B.F. Goodrich, USA. Polyplastic S.A. a distributor of chemical specialities. with emphasis on the sectors lubricants and rubber.






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